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hey guys and welcome to the AGE OF ULTRON SUPPORT GROUP!

with all the unstable emotions excited feedback following the release of the avengers 2 stills, stacy and i have decided to create a network where you can meet new people that share the same passionate feelings that come with being a part of the mcu fanbase and get support for the up and coming chaos that is bound to come with the age of ultron.


must be following stacy and adriana 
reblog this post (likes won’t count) by the 31st of july
you have to be willing to be part of the network and follow back some of the other members
this must reach 20 notes or it never happened


a welcome message, so have your inbox open
a promo with all other accepted members
a spot on this kickass page
emotional support for everything avengers related
help with pretty much anything
our love & friendship
remember to track the tag #aousupportgroup
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Posting this because I’m worried my response messages aren’t going through as you said you haven’t seen anything! I’m on holiday and am using shitey public wifi for the next four days so that could be the problem 😞 I sent you another message with my details and description, I apologise for the mess!

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So, you from another planet?
Silver Surfer #4 (2014)



i haven’t done these in a while, and my wonderful followers deserve something, so let’s do this :)

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  • i’d love it if you checked out my youtube channel
  • send me a video idea, question you want me to answer, or topic you want me to talk about. things like…
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Soooo… there goes my afternoon…
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